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Disappointed with K95 keyboard


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I live in Singapore and paid $219 SGD for this keyboard. The first one wouldn't even come back on after the PC would come out of sleep mode.


I paid ~$50 to ship to Hong Kong. I can't even begin to understand why I need to ship it to another country. For those not keeping score; I am up to $269 SGD for this keyboard.


Lately, the LED's are dying. One by one. It seems like every couple days another LED dies.


I know someone on here will say "just get an RMA", but the fact is; I want my money back (including what was paid to ship the first defective keyboard to Corsair).


How do I go about getting a refund and get Corsair to pick up the tab to ship this keyboard back?

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Sadly Corsairs keyboards LEDs do fail quite a lot due to electro static discharge as they are not properly shielded.


I'm about to be on my 3rd K95 once my RMA completes.


I would have to agree. I really like the keyboard, but I can't deal with the LED's dying one by one.


I have been working with Corsair support and they have requested a refund for me.

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