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K70 firmware problem

Reno Kim

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I bough my K70 keyboard (black w/red switch) from newegg about 3wks ago

and I found firmware 1.09 update for my keyboard

so I try to update my keyboard.

instruction said I have to plug my keyboard with USB2.0 direct to computer which I did and began the update

while updating, I saw the update bar going smoothly but at a certain point, update process stopped and gave me a msg saying update has failed


Is it because my keyboard firmware is up-to-date?

If it's so, is there anyway I can check for my keyboard firmware?

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I don't think the firmware update process ever started if the keyboard is working fine.


The update isn't a major one. As the keyboard is working fine, i'd leave the firmware alone.


It's possible the firmware is already on 1.09. Have you tried looking at the firmware updater? That may show the keyboard's firmware.

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