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450D - Need Help Please


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We just rebuilt my computer into the 450D. It's a much larger case than I needed, but I liked it much better than anything else I saw (primarily because of the filters, VERY important in our home as we have many pets & live in the desert). We've built many computers in our day, but some connectors, etc have changed and we are getting lost! lol Thanks, in advance, for any help.


MB: Gigabyte GA-HA67MA-USB3-B3

Case: 450D

PSU: Raidmax RX-630Z




FANS - We can only connect 1 front and the rear fan, but want both front fans working.

My husband is an electrical engineer so he feels comfortable jury-rigging them using the Phobya 4-Pin to 6 x 3-Pin Fan Splitter PCB.

Is there a better way?


Front Panel USB - We cannot figure out how to hook these up.

The case has a big plug that says USB on it that we've never seen before.

The MB has 4 little plugs.

What do we need to make the USBs on the front panel work? Note: audio works fine.

An adapter of some sort, I imagine. Can someone tell us exactly which one to get, please?

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To hook the USB header cable up you will need an adapter with that Motherboard. NOTE USB3 ports will only get USB2 functionality using this adapter:




This is a great cheap fan hub that will allow you to hook up to 10 fans, as long as your have a spare MOLEX plug on your Power Supply.



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- The fan hub came in today (I love Sunday deliveries from Amazon!) and just finished hooking it up. Got the 3 case fans running with very little noise.

Now we can see if that 3rd fan helps the CPU temps. If not, I'll be buying another heatsink/fan. It's always something!


- I'm not concerned with the USB changing to 2.0 (I really only use it to load my Kindle, etc.), so when that cord gets here that problem should be solved too.


Thanks everyone for all your help & to Corsair for making an affordable case I can work with. You've made an old lady very happy.

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Hi all,

I have the doubt about the Obsidian 450D and the H 105 as in all what I read there are opposite opinions, so I think this is the right site in order to clarify my doubt. I hope someone here may help me, thanks a lot in advance.

PS. My mobo is the Asus z97 PRO.

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