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H75 - 44C on idle (BIOS)


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Hello everyone,

This is my first time experience with liquid cooling and sadly i am not satissfied with results. (compared to reviews on the web)

I am a total noob at liquid cooling and OC topics.

My purpose wasn't the OC'ing but my CPU is capable of that, i guess! (i7 2600k)


I've mounted H75 today and it was really hard!

Because of "loose backplate" issue, i had to add some plastic washers between mobo and backplate.


Before adding washers, my IDLE temperature was 56C

and now it's 44C...


I mean BIOS screen with IDLE.

No HDD, USB or any device connected.


And i'd like to ask a little help to make sure that my configuration is right.


My case is Thermaltake Nvidia Element V and my setup is almost identical with this.

And i'd like to say that i am not happy with my case too. It's definitely not ideal for OC setup! Lack of standarts and tight space!




2 fans, pushing air inside the case



Corsair H75 fans, pushing air outside



1 fan, pushing air outside


I have few questions about my setup.


- 44C sounds really huge to me! I am reading comments such as "32-33C ın idle" with H75. Should i worry about 44C?

- Is my setup right?

- Should i consider any other equipment, case or something?

- And any ideas to start OC'ing?


Thanks all!

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this case quite frankly reeks from improper air flow,can it only pull in air from the drive bays or what?

if air flow in the case is bad so will your idle temps

you can try reversing the cooler fans and front fans so the cooler can draw cooler air thru the rad

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Backplate was loose and i think its a common problem.

So i've added plastic washers between mobo and backplate. It's more secure now.

But it has just decreased 44 to 41 or something.

After a BIOS upgrade, my IDLE temperature is now around 25-26C...

I think problem resolved.


But one more thing that i am not sure about fan connections.

There 2 fans on rad so 2 fan connectors

And 1 connector from CPU heatsink.


Heatsink is connected to CPU_FAN

And 2 fans from rad connected to CHA1_FAN and CHA2_FAN.

Is this correct?



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