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Possible problem with the HG10 and the 250D

rene mauricio

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I know it is not out yet, and that the release date has been pushed back, but I wanted to address a possible oversight that some Corsair users may encounter in the future; most noticeably the 250D owners.


From looking at the pictures, it would appear that the HG10 is slightly larger than an average 2 slot cooler. The 250 has some extra wiggle room beyond the second PCIE slot, but not enough to fit an HG10 and be able to snake the water tubes over it. Even if you could, it would be over the intake which could cause a hindrance. What I suggest is that you cut it in such a way so that people can route the tubes around the heatsink - similar to what NZXT did for its Kraken G10.


"Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it... very well."






The yellow parts representing where the bracket would be cut in order to allow the tubes to pass through.

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