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h100 no fans/led


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im not really sure but a few months ago, my h100 died basically

everything except the pump is dead

and then randomly one of the corsair fans that came with this died a month ago *weird*


the cpu block's front cap is broken so i doubt i'd be able to rma this baby *i do dumb things at times*

would anyone on this forum have any technical experience with this?

basically the fans dont spin at all and no led, i suspect it gets no power but the wiring from the inside looks fine

plus the mobo wont pick up the rpm sensor from the pump

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Do the fans work plugged in directly to the motherboard or psu? It would be weird for all of it to die. As for the pump... He's dead Jim. Depending on what happened to it, it's worth a shot to call customer service and ask about RMAing. Worst case, new cooler time!


Edit: Second thought you can make sure that the cpu fan header is working at full speed by making sure it's not set to auto speed/power in the BIOS and try plugging the pump in somewhere else (and plug a fan into the cpu fan header).

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