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DDR3-2133 really the sweet spot?


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I was reading this article:



I am spec'ing out this system now:

Corsair 350D (with window)

Corsair H100i


Corsair PSU (either RM750 or maybe an AX cant decide)

Asus Maximus VI Gene

EVGA GTX 780ti Superclocked ACX

For memory I want 32GB.


I was planning on DDR3-1866, but after reading that article and knowing that I keep desktops a loooong time. I though I would splurge now and allow my video editing/rendering to be even easier. So I thought DDR-2133 but there are no 32GB 4x8 kits lists.


I've read in other threads that pretty much any series (vengence, dominator, etc etc will work). But in other threads I read that each series might work better with a different chipset. Which Series would work best with the above. Dominator Platinum would be neat for the lights, but if it doesnt offer much else over say a vengence than who knows.


Thanks for the help.

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We definitely make 4x8GB 2133 MHz kits. I'm typing this on a similar rig with CMD32GX3M4A2133C9.


We also have:




Thanks Techno.. what I meant by no kits lists, is in the Qualified RAM lists both at the Asus site, and here at the Corsair site. They dont list a "qualified" 4x8 32GB kit @ 2133.


For sure Corsair makes them, but was hoping that some could chime in and alleviate concerns on if I would have trouble with them on the system I listed above.

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Those are only kits that ASUS has personally tested on the board. That doesn't mean that other kits won't work, it just means they either didn't have the kit or didn't have the time to test it. I can't guarantee 100% that either of those kits will work, but the likelihood of them not working is a very small.
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