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AX1200 Custom cable


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Hi to you,

I have 4 hard drives connectec to a single power cable and my concern is that the space between connectors creates some stress on HDD connectors... So I'm planning to do a custom power cable to eliminate that problem by putting the power connectors at the exact spacing...


What I don't know is the model of the power connector (and the female pons inside the connector) that is plugged into the power supply... So as I want to have a full compatible poser cablem can anyone help me with that?


Thanks in advance...

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I think I understand what you are saying, but if I don't help me out here. :)


So, you want to make your own custom cables for HDDs so that it elimates flex and you want to know what power connectors to use for the HDDs since you are going to custom make your own. Right?


If that's the case, then the power connections for your HDDs that you need are standard, all after market solutions will be the absolute same because all the connections on the HDD have to line uo. I don't know about your PSU specifically, but what I will say is that you can always just use the connection on the PSU that you already have for that and just make sure and install the pins in the same order that you take them out.


If that wasn't clear, what I mean is that you take one wire out at a time and trace it back to the PSU connection. Remove one at a time to make sure you don't get any of them mixed up!



Hope that helps! :)

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