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H100i dead ?


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I installed my H100i cooler in my system when I built it 18months ago, and until yesterday it was running well.


Yesterday I noticed that Corsair Link wasn't showing the fans or pump spinning, and on investigation I've found:


- the fans are not spinning when the machine is booted up

- on power up the fans briefly rotate for 2-3 seconds and stop

- no indication the pump is actually running

- no led activity.


I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the various connections with no result.


Is my H100i dead ? Is there anything else I can try to ? Anyone know what the warranty is in the UK - can I RMA it, or am I looking for a new part ?


ETA - actually the pump maybe running - there is a slight whine that goes when I disconnect the power to the block.


Cheers, Dave

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try plugging the fans directly into the motherboard.

if they spin then it would indicate a problem with the unit.


also if one of the coolant tubes gets warm while the other remains cool would point to a faulty system.


someone else may know the RMA process for the UK as i am in canada.

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Thanks guys.


I connected the fans to the MB fan headers, and they run OK. I think the pump is running as I was able to run prime95 for >10 mins, with the CPU temp settling at 50-55C i.e. same as when it was all working. So as mentioned above that suggests the controller is dead


I'll look to RMA it.



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