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CS750M, corsair pdfs out of date problem


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Looking at the CS750M on the corsair site, and downloading the pdfs (cable consolidation guide rev 28, psu specification 091813) neither include the CS-M.


I'm guessing that the CS-M has the same spec/config as the CX-M bar the fact its a Gold over Bronze, would that be correct? (currently my fave supplier has about a 3 quid difference between them)


My second question as none of the manuals make it clear... is the pin out/plug on the PSU modular socket, for either/or/both CS/CX, the same for both the molex and the sata cables, or is there a difference?


Third question, if the cable plug/socket for molex and sata, at the psu end, is the same, is there a way to get an additional sata cable to replace a molux one? (i'm in the uk)


I have a shed load of drives in my system (old no-mark fully wired psu, 1 sata cable and 3 molex cables) and this is done by having multiple molex-Y-molex cables feed into multiple molex-Y-sata adapters; and if the sata and molex cables on the CS-M are interchangeable, at the psu end, I would much prefer an extra sata cable than taking one of the molex cables and attaching molex sata converters.

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