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H100i Retail SP120 PWM HP buzz/chirp


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I am at a loss of word at the moment. I recently RMA'd two, not one, sets of Corsair SP120 PWM HP fans (twin packs, 4 fans total). I have them connect on my H100i for push pull. The reason I RMA'd them was because both of them were making a chirping kind of sound.


Anyways, I received the new sets today, and set them up to my H100i. Im still having the same issue. In fact, its the same position that I was having problems for the first fans. Its the top left fan location on my h100i that keeps making the sound. I have a 750d case.


I have even tried to plug both in to my mobo fan headers (Asus VI Hero), and still same issue. This is already my third H100i, AND I AM NOT PAYING TO SHIP IT BACK.


It seems that it only "hums" and "chirps" when my fans are around the 1300-1400 RPM mark.


My only guess is that it isn't the fans, but the H100i. Because of the issue, Amazon had refunded me 20%, but im still at a loss of word, because I cant stop the sound. Sould I just ask Amazon to get an exchange? I RMA'd my first h100i (broken fan controller... through corsair), and the screw holes on the rad were stripping on the second one (RMA through amazon). However, because I was over the 30 days, Amazon made me reorder so I could get my third one. Now, I believe my third one is going bad. I just don't know what to do.

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Does the H100i make the same noise with only the bottom fans mounted? It could also be that there is a slight warp in the top of the case plying on the top left fan. Take a flat edge like a ruler or level and look.


We'll about 10 minutes ago, I took the h100i down from the top of my case. I kept the screws in so the fans were still connected. I was stil getting a buzzing/chirping sound. So now I now believe it has nothing to do with my h100i. Only the top left fan makes the sound. And this is a new set that I had an RMA on. I've just come to the conclusion to live with it. Too much money to keep sending them back. It seems to only make that sound when the fan RPM is around 1300-1400. I even tried seeing if there was a warp in the top of my case (it's only one month old - 750d) and it's straight.

Thanks for the assistance :)

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Sandstorm1, I RMA'd the fans again (they DID have a grinding sound), and when I got the new ones, I realized that it wasn't the fan, but the fan vibrating against the case.


So I went to frozencpu.com and purchased 3 240mm radiator gaskets ($2.50 each). I will put one between the fan and case to see if that fixes the problem. And because shipping was $3.99, I decided to grab two more so I could increase the static pressure of my push pull fans on my H100i.





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