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1500V2 Issues


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This headset has brought me a lot of frustration since buying them. Hoping that the issues would be rectified with stable drivers only to come here to find my concerns are legitimate and this product is flawed.


As my voice can only just be heard on TeamSpeak and on recorded footage these have been a massive let down as a gamer. Just To be heard I need to turn my mic recording volume up to 90% in the corsair panel but it is still not enough to register in the speech test within Windows 8.1. And while setting the mic to 100% will increase the volume very slightly it increases feedback and distortion even more thatn usual to make it un-usable. Then there is the volume. I have never had to turn the volume up over 10 for gaming or music but if I wanted to damage my hearing there is a vast amount of headroom in this department. If this was to turn my headset into speakers then corsair have done a great job.


All these reasons are not the point of my posting here today. Because of reading so many complaints that have confirmed my suspicion that something is actually very wrong with my set (and others) that I would submit a RMA as suggested by staff of this forum to customers with this issue and more. Well it has been 6 days now. I submitted a RMA request with all the required details and am still waiting. Just like being told it would be 2, that is the last straw for me and the only positive thing that can come of this is knowing what to expect from Corsair (products & support) in the future. Oh and the fact there are 60 members in my gaming community that can be enlightened to my troubles now and spare them the grief.


Thanks and regards.

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