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i have been modding for awhile now and just won bronze with Corsairs pc domination competition.

i have decided to say thank you to corsair and build a obsidian style desk, it might sound like im creeping, but i do think they make quailty products and if i could have my whole computer made by corsair i would.


well it has taken me along time to get it right, here is my 1st design but it wasnt suitable as like me not many people have room for large desks so it needs to be compact.




now im getting somewhere




this looks alot better




and now with colour




I would like to know you opinions of the desk and always like feedback so get typing and let me know what you think



ok thats over with now the technical stuff.


asus z87 pro motherborad

i7 4770k processor

Corsair H100i with link and lighting kit

Gigabyte gtx 670

Corsair Dominator Platinum

Corsair RM750 power supply

samsung 256 pro ssd


plus Accessories to follow once i have worked out my budget


now most of the build will be wood apart from a few items

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just a little update started the frame work of the desk, its coming on nicely




then i done the idiot thing trying to fight my table saw and it won lol luckily im on so many pain killers i cant feel it to much


back to work lol



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been working hard over the last couple off days its starting to take form.

had spent alot off time working out placing for motherboard and h100i, due to the size off the desk 1100x545mm because it needs to fit in a alcove so everything needs to be compact and i wanted it symmetrical.










starting to take shape now had to adjust the center platform so i could ge a decent angle




along way to go to finish motherboard





well thats it for this update and keep the comments coming and keep viewing

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hi guys here is another update decided to rearrange the backpanel i think it looks better




now a couple of pictures on the centre plinth






started the bracket for the h100i





backpanel again looking alot better




also cut down the power switch from a 650d nand now its also fitted




now with the fan filter bracket




this is a better view of how the h100i will be hidden




couldn't do what i wanted to as the hoses are to rigid, so had to raise the h100i up so the hoses wasn't kinked

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here goes for another update,decided to fit my corsair link commander at the bottom as seen in this picture, but use a hard drive as a template












started on the fan fronts





and now fitted


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first of all guys this goes out to all the 650d owners, can someone give me the dimensions for the hard drive cage and the front I/O Panel?


thank you and now the interesting part lol


i would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Corsair for supplying me Two 650d front panels for my desk build as being disabled its very hard to finance this build, so once again thank you corsair for your support and your quality products.




the obsidian range of cases have got to be the best looking cases on the market




time to start on the front and see how things go






sorry got a little carried away and forgot to take pictures while i was going












it has not been a good day all i have been doing is sanding, sanding and more sanding lol


now with the the control panel and cover in just need the dimensions so i can build the boxing for it.




now wait for it the other side lol




who likes my power supply,just working out the positioning of it lol




hope you enjoyed this update and keep watching

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well sorry i havent updated my build log but the weather has been to hot and i havent been spending long in the shed because its been killing me slowly lol.


so i have started to build the framework for the psu






just need to cut the hole so the psu can drop in




had a bad day broke one off the fan mounts so will have to do it again.

plus i have started on the fronts for mounting the fan grills








thats all folks hope you enjoyed it,be back soon lol

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with the wood working tools that you have,,yet you have no a/c

thats a poor excuse:D:


im in the heat all day,,know what you mean...


i have 2 fans in my shed does that count as a/c lol


Some very nice work there, 1 question, how did you get in contact with corsair? did you just Facebook them or send an email? I have been trying for a while.


thank you and corsair contacted me, i guess not many people do builds in wood or they just liked my idea

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i have 2 fans in my shed does that count as a/c lol




thank you and corsair contacted me, i guess not many people do builds in wood or they just liked my idea

noo 2 fans don't count as AC:eek: this like getting in your car and telling your buds yea i have AC roll the windows down and drive 85 mph:p::D:. looking good though
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noo 2 fans don't count as AC:eek: this like getting in your car and telling your buds yea i have AC roll the windows down and drive 85 mph:p::D:. looking good though


love it lol


first of all i cant afford a/c in my shed, so will just have to suffer with the heat we're not use to it in the uk

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It is good to see that Corsair are willing to appreciate your loyalty to their brand as you are one of the few builders working in traditional ways in a home environment with traditional tools, and producing fantastic work.


Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the finished build.

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sorry its been awhile for an update, so here it comes.


started to do the cut out for the psu




the righthand grill fitted well starting to come together




getting on well with the h100i surround its starting to take shape












just to give you an idea, this is what it will look like when finished but still a long way to go, thanks for looking

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thanks darkgable


sorry for the lack of updates, with the kids off school its been hard to get outside to do alot of work on the desk plus i have been waiting on some info i need.


so heres a small update




i have started of the top of the desk so i can look at getting the glass done





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thanks thenosbod


another productive day with a few more bits done










this is my home away from home, if i could fit my bed in there i would lol




the middle section will be removed so i can get access to the h100i




started on the hole for the corsair link commander to fit in




you take one step forward and two steps back,i have now broke the 2nd fan mount



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