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Looking for K90 Keyboard Keys


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I need new Keyboard keys for the keyboard!


I wanted to give my K90 a good clean.

I disassemble my K90, washed the keys and while drying they melted due to too much heat.


I was wondering if there might be anyone here with a broken K90 Keyboard with the keys still intact who is willing to give them away? Corsair doesn't sell replacement keys :brick:


thanks and best regards!

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I put them in a plastic strainer and dried them with a hair dryer on its coolest setting.

When I was done i noticed that there was water in the cross section which connects to the cherry keys. So i thought the best way to get that out is by using some heat. Used the medium heat setting on the hair dryer and now like half of the keys are slightly bend... With most its just an cosmetic issue but some are no longer functional.

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So I try to find replacement keys because f*** y**. The K90 has 3 different kinds of keys on it. Cherrys (which I did already replaced) and 2 different kinds of regular keys.

What are the names of these? Where can I buy them? Below are photos of the 2 different keys.


Unfortunately I melted all my original keys by accident whilst cleaning with too much heat... no replacement sets available by corsair either. SO yeah there is that.

Below are photos of the 2 different keys.


I would HIGHLY appreciate any help in this regard!



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Parmenion answered your question 5 months ago. Please see above.


Excuse me?


this vendor only offers cherry keys which I did already replace

see photos in the thread you apparently closed for the actual request

the k90 has 3 totally different styles of keycaps (half mechanical).




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