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Hi Corsair,


I'm posting here as a pretty disappointed customer. As a long term Corsair fan, when I built my server last year, I went for the same PSU as I have in my gaming rig: HX-650. Less than a year later I've got the "chirping" fan noise so many other users have had with the HX-650 v2 PSU. My old V1 is dead silent and runs perfectly.


I put in a service request on (4/24/2014 5:08 AM), and am yet to have my issue resolved. Despite two Comments from me, the last time I heard from a staff member was on (6/9/2014 5:57 PM).


I bought Corsair because I've always thought them to be a reputable company with good products. The customer support I've received to date has unfortunately fallen far short of this. Could someone please assist me with this ticket - the PSU has a 7 year warranty, and has only been produced within the last 18 months (V2).


Eagerly awaiting a response,


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