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Order placed middle of last week - still waiting?

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So I placed an order last Wednesday iirc. I bought 2 more fans to try and bring my H100i performance up to snuff before I RMA it. I am literally maxing out a 9590 at stock speeds. (over 70c during stress tests)


That's another issue for another post however. My current issue is this.


I have never purchased from corsair directly so im unaware how the process works. Based on my experience with other vendors over the years, im going to assume something is up though.


I immediately got an email from paypal indicating the pending payment to you guys. I checked your website and my order says processing. I never received an email from corsair and it is still processing to this day.


Now A) im surprised you guys don't send out an email upon receiving the order. B) I cant imagine a company let alone a company of your stature taking 5 days now to process or have a few fans shipped... all in all its been a pretty bad experience so far.


I love your memory, love your cases, and normally I use custom cooling so I didn't expect miracles with the H100i, but based on all the research I did - something isn't right. Its being used on a lapped chip with liquid metal TIM which should give me better performance that what others are reporting, and yet its still much much worse.


I cant get an answer on whether or not the pump should be pulsing when touched with your hand, or whether it should be a consistent vibration. Mine pulses and im wondering if that's the cause.


Contact wise ive used up the remainder of my (very expensive) TIM trying to reseat it, and have tried with different levels of pressure. To no avail the performance is flat out bad.


I had a 9590 restart on me as well as throttle at 83c at 5.0 lol. Currently 4.9 isn't really possible stable so Im stuck either at stuck or with a 100mhz overclock. (and this is on a chip with an exceptional VID!)


Anyways, im not sure if its a manufacturing defect causing poor contact (tubing isn't getting warm at all, nor is rad) or something with the pump.. but as I said I ordered these fans to do everyone a favor. Hopefully I can avoid an RMA however Im having trouble even getting the fans it appears :P


Please advise! (order is under the email associated w/ this account)

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gotcha. thanks for the heads up. I did submit a ticket on Friday but haven't heard back yet lol. Perhaps calling is the next logical step ugh.


Tell me this - their is a button that says reorder on the order page. If I "reorder" is that there as a simple means to order the same thing multiple times, or is that there for when theirs an issue such as what im having to re submit the SAME order?

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feel free to add thoughts on the performance part too as I wait! If someone can touch their pump and tell me what it feels like with your hand ontop it, It would help tremendously in diagnosing the issue.


I know my water pump in my main box is a consistent even vibration, however being so small I have no idea if this one is supposed to pulse for some reason.

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your pump should have a consistent low hum/vibration to it and the hoses should both feel the same temp...

if you feel pulsing then its likely trapped air within the impellor and lying the case on its side for a couple hours usually corrects this

hope this helps ya...

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