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Only half memory being shown


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Hi all. I recently upgraded my computer but decided to keep my two 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair memory sticks (CMX8GX3M2A1333C9). I bought the new Asus Maximus Hero Vii, however Bios, CPU-Z, and Windows are only recognizing 8 of the 16 GB. I have done the following to try to fix it. The motherboard supports this memory in the manual.


1) Reseat the CPU

2) Memtest86 - Ran it for 2 hours, 3 passes, no errors

3) Individually took each stick and put it in each of the 4 memory slots. Each time I booted up it only recognized 4BG, whic is 1/2 of the one stick's memory.

4) Upgraded Bios to UEFI version 0609


The memory is XMS3, does that mean anything? I am linking a photo of my bios which shows one of the sticks only operating at 4GB (exact same for the other, but not posting redundant photos) and you can see on the right hand side BIOS only sees a total of 8GB.


Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get my other 8GB back?


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I just realized it is not on the supported memory list for this version of the memory. Only the XMP is, not the XMS.


what do you mean?

CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 is XMP




XMS is a model of ram from corsair just like the vengeance and Dominator and XMP is (Xtreme Memory profiles) where the RAM has the settings it can achieve.

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Make sure all of the ram is actually fully seated try putting a little more even pressure on the dimm's (obviously not too hard) some times they need a extra push.


If that fails you can try with just one stick in at a time in slot 1 and see if it recognizes all of the sticks. Also make sure the XMP profile is set to 1 or so the voltage is at 1.5V.


Try resetting the bios to factory settings as well. (sometimes the simplest things right?).

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Might sound stupid, but it might be something wrong with the motherboard.


My 3 suggestions:


Take CPU out and look for BENT PINS on the CPU. That might be the issue.


Try these kits in DIFFERENT motherboard (might be same model of CPU)


Take motherboard out, disconnect everything that is attached to it and look for SCRATCHES around the CPU socket (with magnifying glass look everywhere above PCIe, mainly near CPU socket) as you might have scratched the motherboard connection with a screwdriver when you have been attaching the cooler (whatever it is). Very common problem as many people make new thread (on MSI forum) about not working slots 2 and 4 or 1 and 3 and then they find out they've done something like this :)

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