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K70 - Vengeance K70 CH-9000011-JP 108 Key model


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All I want for Christmas is for this thing to actually work !


Okay so I`m running windows 7. This is a Red 108 key model. That means it includes a conversion key, a Kana key, a wide/narrow key, and a non-conversion key.


I do what it says. Plug in the USB. Fine, it starts working. But only in 101/2 mode.


So then I try to change the keyboard language setting to Japanese. That doesn't work.


I then try editing the reg keys to override to kbd106.dll , except that also doesn't work.


Finally I tried installing the firmware 1.09 on the Corsair website for the keyboard, this also did not work.


Please, how can I make this keyboard work with all 108 keys. I have a suspicion that firmware didn't help anything- but of course there is no Japanese corsair website, and even the product itself came in a NA layout box, so I am completely in the dark. I buy a product that has seemingly has no firmware, no driver support [its certainly not in the Windows Update database], nothing.


Overall not a great experience.

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