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No firmware file for my SSD???


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Hi all.


I am in the process of updating my SSD to Rev 5.24.


I am doing this as I just got another one and it has Firmware Rev 5.24. Please note this is a Corsair Force GT signature 142-14227474.


Now my issue is when I downloaded the firmware I can't get signature 142-142-22756 for the other disk which also reported as Force GT with rev 1.3.3.


Any help on this is much appreciated.


I just want to get both disks with same firmware version to do a Raid 0.


If it helps here's all info;


Old SSD Corsair Force GT S/N 12088207000006B9045D FIRMWARE 1.3.3 SIGNATURE 142-142-22756 CAPACITY 111.79


New SSD Corsair Force GT S/N 14207910000010038007F FIRMWARE 5.24 SIGNATURE 142-142-27474 CAPACITY 111.79


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi all.


I am at my wits end with this stupid SSD 120GB Force GT.


I have finally managed to download what it appears to be the latest firmware 5.03.a so that I can update from 1.3.3.


I have used Microsoft tool fix as advised and went through the whole update process until I got a green tick.


The problem is it still shows as 1.3.3.


Is this really worth it? :mad:


My Kingston SSD were NEVER a pain to update firmware.


I would expect more from such a manufacturer as CORSAIR.


Any help much appreciated.





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