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Really Hot Force 3 SSD

damien c

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I have 2 Corsair Force 3 240Gb SSD's that were running in Raid 0 for about 3 months and were fine up until 2 days ago.


I noticed that my pc was becoming slower and slower to the point that my laptop would boot in to Windows, shut down and boot back in to Windows faster than my main pc could boot in to Windows.


Specs are:


Core I7 3930K

Rampage IV Extreme

16GB Corsair Vengance 1600mhz


2x Corsair Force 3 240Gb SSD's

Asus Xonar DX

Phobya Easy Bench V3

Phobya Extreme Nova 1080



My pc this morning decided that it was going to loose one of the SSD's so I disconnected them, and found they both were extremely hot.


Now I use a test bench and there is no fan pointing at the HDD's or SSD's but, I have now moved the SSD's to the side and left them in the open air and one of them is now, cool to touch but the other is still hot to touch.


I have managed to get Windows installed again, but not on the Raid setup but on the SSD that is running cool.


Is there any test's I can do to find out if this drive is faulty and needs to be replaced as it should still be under warranty, as it should not be getting as hot as it is?



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they are not mechanical devices so only the electronics use power. When idling most SSDs use less than 1W and often in the range of 0.1W, while normal 7200rpm HDDs use about 6-8W and the Green drives about 4-6W.


When fully stressed, it may consume little over 1W, but still does not come close to anything regular 3.5" desktop drives consume.


SSDs should never need any cooling. It should also be safe to use them in extreme temperatures; unlike HDDs which are extremely susceptible to temperature changes and diminishes their lifespan.


bottom line is if your sure no other component is causing your ssd to get hot,,then id get the ssd replaced

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