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Cable Confusion Ax 1200i


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Hi, guys


I have a cable confusion and its a 2 part question


1. i have a gigabyte h77m-d3h mobo and it needs at 12v and it is a 4 port

But the cpu connectors from 1200i is 8 pin and when i looked closer i found out that it can be split to 2 4pins.


My question is can i use any one of these and leave the other one hanging without any problem ?? (look below for pics of mobo pin and pin from 1200i)


Default 8 pin



After Split



Close up of split pins





Now for my second part of my question


I have a nzxt phantom 410 case and it comes with 3 fans with already connected to the speed controller and i need to power these fans with a 3pin molex (actual 4 but one pin is missing). I know it works because its working fine with my 600W psu.


So my question is, in my 600 W PSU there are 4 pins coming out of psu to the 4 pin molex, but in ax 1200i the molex cable which connectes to the psu is 6 pin. So is there a power difference and will this work if i connect them both ?? (see reference pics below)


3 pin molex from case (nzxt 410 phantom)



4 pin molex from the psu



6 pin psu connector of the 4 pin molex cable


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  • Corsair Employees

Answer to the first question: Half of that connector will plug in without force. Leave the other half "hanging", unused.


The second question I do not understand. It's a 6-pin connector to the PSU, but only four pins are populated. On your case, they're only using one of the two grounds. So what's the problem?

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