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750D case looks great with a little light.

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I really like the taming of the Kraken with the HX 850 modular and the 750D wire management. Plenty of open airflow. I debated back and forth having the H55 as an exhaust up top, or as an intake on the rear. I decided on using it as a rear intake pulling cooler air from outside the case. I did add a fine mesh cover to the outside of the case, keeping this screen clean is much easier than having to keep the radiator clear:D: With 2 140mm fans up top, and the bottom opened up by moving all the drive bays to the front and attached to the top, plenty of airflow moves up and through and from the front intakes. This single GTX 770 keeps its cool nicely this way. I wasn't too thrilled with how loose the plastic tool free drive bays seemed to feel, and secured those in place with some of the many extra screws provided with 750D.




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