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Corsair Link not changing fan speed after startup


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Corsair H80i

Corsair Link v2.6.5214 (latest beta)

Pump Firmware v1.0.7 (latest)

2 PWM fans connected with y-splitter


Hello, I have my corsair link set-up so that it changes the fan speed in relation to my Motherboard CPU temp with a custom curve fan speed.


My corsair link is set to start minimized - this is where the problem starts. When my CPU gets hotter, my Corsair Link does not change fan speed UNTIL I click "Show Corsair Link" and the window pops up. At this point the fans spin up to their proper operating speed. I can then minimize corsair Link again and the fans behave from then on. This all happens again if the computer is shut down or restarted.

I have re installed Corsair Link (also removing the profile from %appdata%)


I have a couple more problems that may or may not have anything to do with the problem above.


Problem #2 I ask Corsair Link if there are any firmware updates - to which it says there is. "H80i v1.0.7 > 1.0.7" I have tried to update and it does stop, but it comes back after installing the Corsair Link again.


Problem #3 I cannot set fan speed to CPU Temp (NOT mobo cpu temp) because the temp seems to spike a lot in Corsair Link but not in other monitoring software, causing the fans to spin up and down a lot.


Problem #4 Corsair Link somehow remembers my custom fan curve after deleting profile and re installing Corsair Link.




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if things are working relatively ok,then DONT update it as updates may/maynot work for you

the fans are designed to be controlled by the h100 water temp.

ghost icons are usually a result of another usb device interfering,a good fix for this is connecting to a rear external port,,hope this helps...

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Due to what I assume is the use of windows HID drivers, ghost icons can also appear if you plug the USB cable into a different header or hub. Have you changed this? It creates a new set of readings every time it's fitted into a new port.


Secondly, conflicts can sometimes happen after booting. I've noticed that if I live my cooler on the same hub as my keyboard, the cooler eventually loses the connection. Attaching it to another hub sorts it out.

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