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Front USB 3.0 passthrough


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Just got an Asus Z97 Pro motherboard and I'd like to buy the Obsidian 550D case to drop it in.


BUT... I need to know that the passthroughs for the two front-panel USB 3.0 connectors can connect directly to the motherboard 19-pin USB 3.0 headers, and not have to loop back to the rear panel with Type A USB connectors, wasting two USBs on the panel.


Could you confirm that the 550D has the right passthrough connectors?


If not, which Corsair mid-tower cases do have the proper USB 3.0 set-up?



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I just looked at a picture of the 550D on NewEgg and it has the correct connector for a USB 3.0 MOBO header. It is really long for that kind of cable, though, although that beats the holy hairy heck out of too short.


One of my major complaints about 650D is the pass through front panel USB 3.0 connector cables. Fortunately, there are work-arounds for that. An adapter or adapter cable can be used although it looks a bit clunky and leaves a lot of excess cable length one has to stuff somewhere. Cannibalizing the USB 3.0 cable from a 350D front panel connector assembly (around $10 from the Corsair store) and putting it in the 650D's front panel connector assembly is much more sanitary looking.

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