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K95 "V" LED Failed


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So this morning before Work I turned on my PC as usual, Everything lit up except the "V" key, Tried unplugging it, Setting different lights up i.e keys and nothing.


I'm going to do an express RMA maybe and get another K95, sell it and go with a non LED keyboard, I wish LED's on these keyboards were better made, These keyboards are not cheap yet they fail often.


This will be my 2nd K95 in a few months, The first ones number pad keys LEDs failed after only a few days.


Does a version of the K95 exist without the LED's ? I know I can just turn Them off but I would prefer none in the first place.


If one doesn't exist an exact replica of the K95 needs to be made minus the LEDs and LED function buttons.

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Since this is your second RMA, contact customer service and tell them that it has been replaced before and provide your previous RMA #.


You can call them using Skype by calling their toll-free number.


The first keyboard failed after a few days so I simply took it back to the shop and exchanged it for a working one.

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As of this morning, Again before I headed out to work I went to check my messages, The "." "+" and "5" keys LED all died for no reason at all.


I really don't understand it, The room I have my rig in is dust free, Well ventilated and dry, Getting quite disheartened by all these LED failures :(


The only company I never had this problem with even though I'm not too keen on them anymore is Razer, All their stuff has LEDs on it yet none ever failed on me in the long years I owned them yet within 7 weeks I'm on my 2nd K95 with multiple LED failures :(

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you must first ask a question before receiving an answer;):

but you can submit a ticket to get this taken care of...


Already did and it's being processed :p:


When I get the new K95 back from Corsair a friend said he would buy it off me for a marked down price which will fund the purchase of the RGB K95 which has the LEDs mounted inside the actual Cherry MX switch and not on the naked PCB so this will drastically cut down on electro static discharge LED deaths :)

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The most frequent complaint I see by far in user reviews is dead LEDs. Until

Corsair can fix this issue, I'm holding off on the K95 and sticking with my otherwise inferior Logitech G510S. I don't use key illumination very often, but, when I do, I expect all the keys to light up.


They die easily because of electro static discharge and not being properly shielded but the new RGB K70 and K95 have the LED built inside the transparent RGB Cherry MX switch so ESD will be dramatically cut down.





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