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Cooling Node not working


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So, I recently wiped my system and updated to 8.1. I'm using the newest beta of the corsair Link software.


The software is identifying everything, my PSU voltage/fan speed, motherboard temps, HDD temps, etc. However it's not detecting all the fans plugged into my Link Fan controller. It sees that there's a cooling node plugged in (It didn't at first), however it keeps trying to update the firmware of it to 1.2.9. Even though every time it asks me I go through the install process and it tells me it's successful, it just asks again. So I can't see or control any of my system fans because of this and it's really damn annoying, since this was the main reason I bought a Link Commander.


It's worth noting it worked fine on Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated.


- Matt

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I haven't seen a FW 1.2.9 update for the Cooling Node. (I might be wrong) The latest on this forum is FW 1.2.11.


What are the current FW versions for all your LINK devices?

I noticed that too, but I'm assuming it's because the app can down download the updates itself.


0.0.3 on the PSU.

2.0.6 on the Commander.

1.2.8 on the Cooling Node (Keeps trying to install 1.2.9)

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