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Toasted memory

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I need some help here I recently (just over a month ago) purchased some twinx1024-3200c2pro memory and believe that the new motherboard (p4c800-e deluxe) I purchased and had no way of testing prior to recieving said memory toasted the memory modules due to a bad memory controller. I did follow proper proceedures for the installation of said memory so I believe that it wasnt through a fault of my own but that of the boards which is in the current process of being exchanged through Asus. Zipzoomfly has a policy of a 1 month time frame to rma products so Im past their alloted warranty policy and so im wondering what can be done to get new modules in exchange for the bad ones. I know they are bad cause I took them into my local PC shop and had them tested on another board capable of handling them and they did not work.


I would prefer an reply by either E-mail at [REMOVED EMAIL ADDRESS] or by phone at [REMOVED PHONE NUMBER] and my name is Jason. If there is anything else that i need to do before getting it RMA'ed I would also like the info on that.




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