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Any workarounds for Corsair Link not working properly across user profiles?


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So corsair link cooling curves work when:

-When I am logged on my own profile 100% as long as CL is running

-When other profiles are logged on in addition to my own profile being logged on(locked) AND CL being non-minimized in my profile.


Custom curves do not work:

-If my profile is not logged on.....period

-if CL is minimized to task bar on my locked profile while another user is logged on.

-if the computer is rebooted and a user other than myself logs on



This poses a big problem with managing my cooling overall. It seems like it should be a urgent priority to fix as it potentially jeopardizes systems depending on using CL for cooling.


I can only assume that CL is meant to manage cooling for the entire system, and not just one user? I assume this is a major bug ATM? Also is this bug specific to CL and 8/8.1?


Are there any work-arounds floating around? I could probably come up with a script to auto logon my profile on windows 8.1 start and then lock it right away, though this seems less then ideal.


Any other helpful info, workarounds, or fixes you can offer is much appreciated.






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I've noticed custom profiles are a little buggy via the right click menu I open up CLink and select my profile and it takes care of it for me and just close it down. I've not tried custom curves as i'm quite happy with the defaults.


Tested a little fan speed v custom curve is bad about 500rpm variance for me.

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You are using Corsair LInk with corsair commander I guess, and a cooling node?


If yes, I was never able to make it work with custom curves. And I have only one user connected!


However, with H100 or H100i it works it specific conditions only.


Just let us know what your setup is.



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