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profile indication lamp issues on my m95


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i just got my mouse replaced from corsair(great service btw) i had a m90 ; now a m95.


My old mouse would switch between the six little led lamps when i switched profile. my extreamly new, 15 minutes plugged in, 5 minutes after firmware update and software install; wont


if i have the software window open and i push the up down profile buttons that comes default i see the profiles changing, i guess the profiles do change when the software window is'nt open. i have'nt affirmed this yet , but i mean why not,, tho the lamps dont change


what can i do? is this an known bug?.. all help will be appreciated.


/regards, Poe

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yes. i had done that before i posted the last post .. but i did it again and i managed to make yet another lamp light up. now i have 2 lamps permanentley lit up. im using the on screen display for the profiles. and they do switch between every profile when the software window is minimized


when wrtiting this post i decided to double check. i created a new profile (profile 7) and assigned that to LED 4lamps saved to m95 and waited for the 100% notice to disapear and pressed OK.. the original profile 4 was without blue dots in the LED column and the newly created profile 7 had 4 dots.. still did not change when i cycled the profiles, on-screen showed it, but leds didnt even blink.


i guess i have established it as an issue. can i do something else?

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it did.. workin fine now.. never thought it could be that.. because the firmware update was as it should be.. no interupts. no screen saver, no error messages, no using of computer at that time for other thing. .. thanx!


Maybe i was a fool to write in the forums before trying a reinstall . it seems to be the most common way to troubleshoot.. still aint liking it tho.


thanx all whom got engaged..



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