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My recommendation for keyboard LED's


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I have received my Vengeance K70 keyboard and for the most part I love it (MX brown). What I will say is it takes some time to get used to the refresh rate of the LED's and when you move your eyes left and right you see it pulse almost like moving your hand back and forth in front of a flashlight that uses pulse width modulation. Is there any reason why you cannot just power the LED's constantly instead of having any level of flicker? Don't get me wrong, it is not "bad" or anything but it is slightly distracting to see the keys not remain 100% stationary when you scan your eyes over the keys, because they jump around a bit.




Also it would be nice if the flip out feet would have rubber on the bottom of them. Currently the feet that you can flip out have no rubber, which means the more feet you flip out the less grip there is to the desk and it then can move around.

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