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Voyager Air 1TB WiFi Not Working


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I just received my Voyager Air 2 and have the *exact* same problem.


The Word file that comes along with Firmware 2.3.0 explicitly states that one has to manually initiate the update, even when copying the .pkg file to the root folder of the drive.


I copied it to the root folder but it does not seem to update.


Any idea? Otherwise I guess I have to return the drive, which would be a shame.

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Firmware 2.0.17 is the firmware which is done automatically since, if i recall correctly, is a rescue image.


Firmware 2.3.0 will require you to use either the app or the Voyager Air's webpage to update the firmware after moving the file to the root folder.


What firmware is the Voyager Air 2 currently on?

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I am having a similar problem as CloudStrife minus the battery. I can connect it to my WiFi with my Android phone and I get AF1QipORf2qKJpvC-dh0EJP8NbcLNqsI0-ltAflIVtfN


If I press settings I get AF1QipMt--xSNJpVN3Ji1ATQbTxoOYsuqrBEEITfRHeI


If I connect the Voyager Air to my Windows 7 box I get Voy1.PNG?dl=0


Then if I click troubleshoot I get AF1QipPF5NNqIgROF4CdCp7YxRN85LirYUoH-OcakyRG


Any suggestions? Also how to get the images to show?



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