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Corsair M45, thanks


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Hi all,


Just wanted to create a post to say thank you for this mouse, I really like optical sensors, so this mouse is a life saver for me, I also find this mouse to be the most comfortable grip for me as I do have RSI problems.


It doesn't bother me that the frame of this mouse is plastic compared to the aluminium frame of the M65, however at some point it would be ideal if you had a choice for whether you wanted optical or laser in the M65, as to a lot of people optical is superior for fps gaming with its linear tracking, for me personally there is no comparison between the M45 and M65 when it comes to accuracy, the M45 wins hands down. Just sort of feels like the M45 is somehow the inferior model when it shouldn't be, also love the red lighting.


Anyway thanks for the great mouse :biggrin:

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