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Vengeance M65 Input Lag Fixed???


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I've been thinking about getting the M65 when it goes on sale.


Is the input lag problem fixed through a firmware update? I'm referring to the problems from last year in this thread:




If the mouse still has problems, I'll have to look at the Proteus 502. Too bad, cause the M65 build quality looks fantastic.

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i haven't read all the posts, sorry! ive had mouse lag with my m65 for last few days, was like moving the mouse went to far and if i did a circle of 8 it took that little bit longer to stop than it should! , it made games unplayable and mademe look like a noob but being a bit geeky i found the solution myself it was my refresh rate wasnt matching to monitor (just got new tv) i altered this in the amd catalyst and hey presto got m65 back working as before.... just wanted to post this because i couldnt find answer my self on web and saw some of the horror stories what people have been through, good luck
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