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HX620W won't power SATA devices


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I'm putting an old HX620W I bought a few years in my new system, and after powering up the MOBO the first time to verify it stilled worked, and then connected the rest of the devices, I noticed it won't power any of the SATA HDDs or the SATA DVD-ROM. Assuming it was the cable, I swapped it out several times, and even tried using both of the 6 pin connectors on the PSU, but nothing works.


Looking online to see if anyone has had this problem, I read that using a molex to SATA adapter could work to power the devices. I was able to power a device this way, but I've only got one adapter. Before I go pick up a few more, I have two questions.


1. Is it safe to use the molex to SATA adapters to power the HDDs and DVD-ROM?


2. Any idea why the 6 pin connectors on the 620W don't seem to work, but all of the rest do?


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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Hi Joe.


To your question #1, there is no problem using a Molex-to-SATA adapter.


As for question #2, I am not completely familiar with this PSU but what was the original purpose of the 6-pin connectors and how were you connecting them to the SATA drives?

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