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500R Drive Tray Replacement


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Hello Corsair forum,

yes i've done a search beforehand.


I am looking at the available options for purchasing a couple new drive trays from the corsair website, and the options are confusing/lacking


-Carbide 500R Case - Hard Drive Cage (3 drive trays included) is $10

- 300R Replacement hard drive tray (1 unit) is $2


Can I use the 300R drive tray in the standard 500R cage included with the original case? are they interchangable or do I have to purchase a whole new cage and its included drive trays?


Again, I have a 500R, all i'm looking for is a single drive tray or two.

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I did a search for pictures of the two trays and they do not look the same—not even close—so I seriously doubt they are interchangeable. $10 to get three trays isn't a bad price. Even though you want only one or two trays, it wouldn't hurt to have one or two spares knocking about; face it, plastic will eventually break.
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