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Corsair 500r problems


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First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for posting this exact problem to in the cases discussion forum. I was not initially aware of the customer service section. I recently bought a Corsair 500r case and there are a two problems I noticed. The holes in the back for the power supply do not line up (For reference, I am using a HX850 from Corsair) and the bottom section of the mesh side panel seems to bulge out at a certain viewing angle.

This is how the side panel looks -



Rest assured, I have tried lining up the side panel to no avail. I have attempted to diagnose the problem and it seems to be an issue with the case itself and not the side panel. My ticket number is 6481100.


UPDATE: I believe the side panel appears to look like it's bulging because the front fascia is misaligned on the bottom.

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