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Questions about the new firmware


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I've just purchased the Voyager Air (v1). It's not bad. I've upgraded it to the v2 firmware, similarly upgraded the Android app.


Some comments/questions:

1. Dropbox sync is a great idea but it needs selective sync - I have a paid DB account. I don't need it all on my VA!

2. I have a Panasonic TZ-60 camera, that will do live dumping to samba share over wifi. I can confirm it will dump to VA.

3. I'd like the two above features to be well integrated: take a photo with the camera, it's immediately sent to the VA and the VA takes care of syncing it up to DB. Some additional flexibility will be needed in what get's sync'ed to facilitate this: currently dropbox gets synced under a top level "dropbox" folder.The camera uploads photos into a top level directory who's name is YYYYMMDD. Part of the problem is that there is only one share defined: VoyagerAir. If I could define my own shares and where they pointed to, the problem would be solved.

4. What is the purpose of the "Edit Lockout" switch in the app settings?

5. How/what is the "Debugging connection" meant for how do I use it?

6. In the android app, the back button doesn't work correctly. It doesn't take you up a directory level when you're browsing, instead it takes you out of the app.


That's the first set of questions.

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Here is my first set of responses:


1 & 3: Good suggestions. We'll need to evaluate for inclusion in a future version.


4: "Edit Lockout" removes the Edit icon from the app view - keeps the kids from accidentally deleting or renaming drive content.


5: This is for debugging and the app certification process.


6: Please send me the details on what you are experiencing (device, specific sequence of actions). When used at the non-top level, the back button should be navigating back one level, not exiting. We need to be able to replicate what you are seeing.




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Thanks Bill for the quick reply.


Re 5: Is there any chance of providing some details of how to use the debugging connection?


Re 6: I have the latest app on a Samsung Galaxy S3. If I select folders, go down into a subfolder multiple layers, and then go up multiple times get thrown out of the app, rather than it getting to the top and prompting to confirm you want to leave, and a few similar cases link that. I thought it was happening more frequently (I'll keep trying to reproduce what was frustrating me yesterday). The problem may be more that the app should have a confirmation to exit when you're at the top level and press back.




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We looked carefully at behavior of similar Android apps, particularly the Google Drive app, when setting the back button behavior. [Google Drive also exits when the Back button is pressed at the top level.]


We'll look at it closely for a future release.

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The problem may be more that the app should have a confirmation to exit when you're at the top level and press back.


That is an excellent idea. I often find myself "accidentally" exiting out of the app when I'm only trying to go up a couple folders. It can be quite an inconvenience to leave the app unintentionally and then have to hunt it down again to get back in it.

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