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How to update h80i firmware?


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Hi all, as title says... I've recently gotten a new h80i but the fans are pretty loud (they ramp up with temperature by default but don't seem to respond to me changing the profiles on corsair link)...


I downloaded the 1.05 FW from the forum but trying the options/devices/update doesn't work, throwing up the error of "Corsair

Link did not detach any devices which can be updated."


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I see talk of a "dongle/commander" but I don't have anything except what came with the h80i in terms of LINK accessories.



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True, I had thought of that but it doesn't say anything about FW version... current or latest. The only reason I'm assuming it detects a h80i is because the fans do ramp up with the temp and I've read on forums that when it doesn't detect anything it will max RPM the fans. Only had a few searches looking for answers
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