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Corsair Air 540 suggestion.

Dark One

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I'm not sure where this goes, didn't see a suggestions/feedback forum so here goes.


I purchase a Corsair Air 540 case a while back as my second case after a bad experience with the Azza genesis 9000 (its terrible, the fins ontop choke it out and make it hot, and you're guaranteed to break something and thus the warranty the first time you take it apart) and I had an idea for a special edition for the Air 540.


My idea is simple, make the entire case taller just enough to fit one more 120mm fan on the front. My reasoning is as follows:

-This case is already awesome, making it a single 120mm fan taller and adding a second dual drive bay would just make it better.


I love the airflow this case has and the cable management room. Making it able to hold a quad gpu setup would just blow every other case out there right now out of the water. Also I would like to see the bottom hot swap drive holders replace with fan/rad space or even better a mount for a reservoir or pump for a water cooling loop, not sure if that would be possible due to all the different configurations but if it is, it would be nice.


Still an excellent case. Keep up the good work.


*quietly whispers* dual fan side panel.......

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I think that as it is, it is possible to have quad SLI/Xfire, but depends on the mobo. I also think that it would be a good idea to have the 3.25 bays on the right side of the case, but that's just personal preference.


An raising the case up to fit a 4th 120 in the front would make it roughly 24" tall or more and would mess with the airflow unless they added another fan to the rear as well.

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