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Corsair Link Driver and Temp Sensors Problem


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I just recently purchased a Ax760i and installed it with the Corsair Link dongle and software.


When I first installed it, I installed the software and the driver but it doesn't detect all the temp sensors or the fans but apparently this is because I need the cooling kit to detect all of them.


So I followed RAMGUYS's advice by unplugging the USB header and uninstalling and re-installing the software. I also deleted the appdata folder.


When I uninstalled the software, I also uninstalled the driver from control panel and now when I re-installed it, it said that it installed the driver but in device manager it says that there is no driver installed, even after I have installed the software.


I am using a ASUS Sabertooth P67 which has 12 temp sensors, there is also 3 for each HDD and SSD, and then 1 for the GPU. Is there a limit for how many sensors can be read?.


I also tried disabling the AiSuite software. I am using the new beta version of Corsair Link, 2.6.5214.

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AiSuite and corsair link do not get along together


I just tried disabling aisuite fan control in the bios and completely uninstalled aisuite and uninstalled Corsair Link 2.5 and installed 2.6. Didn't make any difference.


I will have to enable AiSuite for the meantime because I don't want to buy the 1st generation cooling kit, have to wait for the 2nd generation and its the only way to control my fans.

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