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iPad can't Access Voyager after update. Really?!


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I have an iPad Air and I updated the following:

- App on iPad

- firmware on Voyager Air to 1.2.8


After installation, I can connect to the Voyager from my laptop and the Ipad...but when i use the new app on my ipad...I just get a message "No drives detected. If you recently updated this App you may need to update your drive firmware". So...as I mentioned above, I did update the firmware.


Now what? The only reason I purchased the Voyager Air is so that we can use it with our iPads.


It seems like the last time there was a software or firmware update I had problems too. Does anyone test this stuff before sending it out?

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From the information you have provided, the app version on the ipad and the firmware you have installed are incompatible. The updated app version was released to interoperate with the 2.0.17 firmware.


If you update to that version - I do advise you read through a few posts to avoid further problems with the firmware update.

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I did update to that version. And I checked to ensure that there weren't any more updates on the App store...and there isn't.


i have read through a ton of posts on this site...seems like there is nothing but problems...and i none seem to work for me.


Is there anyone from Corsair that can help? Or do i now have a useless piece of technology that i can use as a paperweight?

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  • Corsair Employees

Please try the following:


Once you updated the drive with the new firmware, turn off the drive and make sure you restart the Voyager Air application. Make sure you close the application completely otherwise the application would simply idling in the background. If you still have the issue, please e-mail us directly at Corsair.cs@corsair.com.

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