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Corsair Raptor HS40 Static Mic

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I purchased a Corsair Raptor HS40 and the mic is recording a constant static noise (the static sounds like a blowtorch or a gas burner).


I've downloaded the 1.08 driver and installed it (the first time it blue screened but once I removed the headset and reinstalled it seems to install fine).


Unfortunately this did not resolve the static problem. I have tried it on my PC which runs Windows 8 and my Surface Tablet which is running Windows 8.1, both machines are 64bit and the problem happens on them both.


I've searched Google and the forums and still haven't found out a solution.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Have a look in the Corsair control panel, is the slider for the mic up at the top?


If it is then just slide it down near the bottom.


It sounds like the mic gain is too high, and I remember it being near the top as default on mine.





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How far away is your mic from your mouth? When it comes out of the box, the mic is straight (but can be bent towards you). I wonder if that may be why you can't be heard very well?


Are you using the Corsair software or just the windows drivers?


I've only just bought mine and found it to work well for both mic and sound, however I don't currently have installed the Corsair software as it currently breaks the built-in windows speech recognition software that I use. The only problem with running it without the Corsair software is that you lose the 7.1 surround sound.


Have you tried it with just the windows drivers (requires you to remove the Corsair software and reboot)?

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I used the Corsair software and so tried it on my tablet with the windows sound.


I've bent the mic so its next to my mouth. Turning off AGC (boost) has made it better but the mic volume inside the Corsair software is as high as it goes.

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Its a possibility...I would log a support ticket... hopefully they will resolve it for you... although i've had a ticket logged for two days and had nothing from them!


they do have thousands of customers to deal with daily,,call them for current status...

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I recently bought an HS40 and have this exact problem.


What was causing the majority of my buzzing was my G25 steering wheel, plugged into the mains but not to the PC via USB. When I took the power out of the wheel the buzzing dropped dramatically, to a level that my buddies on Skype could tolerate lol.


It's a great headset sound quality wise but this issue lets it down so I'll have to return this one and find another.


Edit.. I ran an earth from the back of the pc to the metal on my steering wheel and all feedback has gone, bodge fix but works!

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Hey guys so i have this headphone too and was having static, maybe is a grounding issue with the pc, try getting barefoot and touching one foot on the pc case and the other on the ground, for me the sound got way better, if it's the same with you, maybe you should change your power supply cables or the plug youre using, make sure it is grounded
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