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Corsair Voyager 8GB cannot be accessed


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I will try to be as thorough as possible, yet not take much of your time.


I have the above memory stick and yesterday when plugged into the computer, it just blinks once and then nothing. The drive is recognized by the computer, though it is unaccessible. When trying to access it, it says:


Please insert a disk into drive X:.


When formatting:


There is no disk in drive X.

Insert a disk, and then try again.


So basically I could just throw this stick away and buy a new one, which I will do in the end, but before that, I had some new data files which haven't got backed up yet, and I need to get to those.


Basically, there is 1 thing I am considering and that is to dismantle it completely and recover the micro sd card - though I am not sure, if this particular model uses micro sd card or the more common "memory bar" or what is the correct term? If you know the answer to this question, that would save me a lot of trouble.


Also, if you happen to have some other solution, I would be really glad.

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Well, I only read that some do. If I knew this is the case, I would dismantle it without regrets, but as I am not sure about it, and quite honestly I think that what you think is the case, I want to first do something less invasive.


Tried on different OS: 7 doesn't recognize the drive at all, XP shows the results I posted above... I am trying to find someone with Unix around to try it.

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