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New App for Kindle Fire HD / HDX Owners


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Our app has been stuck in Amazon's release process for two weeks. They have not yet approved it for use with HD devices (like their tablets), and the only response we get to multiple emails asking for information is a cut-and-paste reply. It appears the same thing has happened to a number of other developers, who are stuck - like we are - waiting for approval.


In the meantime, you can follow these steps to install the app on a Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX (and it works just fine):


  1. Download the Android app from the Corsair site here
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Enable your Kindle Fire Tablet to install apps: go to "Settings > Device > Allow Installation Of Applications" and set the value to "On"
  4. Connect your tablet to your PC or Mac via USB, and copy the application file ("VoyagerAir (2.0.0).apk") to your tablet (put it in the "Downloads" folder)
  5. Disconnect the tablet from your PC/Mac.
  6. Go to the Amazon app store and download the app "ES File Explorer" (it is free).
  7. Open ES File Explorer and find the application file you moved to your tablet (you put it in the "Downloads" folder).
  8. Press the app file to launch the Android installer.
  9. Respond to all of the prompts to install the Voyager Air app.


At this point the Voyager Air app should appear as an installed app on your device.


If you try this and for some reason it doesn't work, please contact me asap.



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Hi Bill, For some reason I am unable to copy the download from my computer to my Kindle. My Kindle is recognized by my computer but I am unable to paste the download to the "downloads" file. Any thoughts? Edited by buchhbr123
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And you are trying to copy the file "VoyagerAir (2.0.0).apk" to the same folder and it won't let you? Very strange - I've got multiple Kindle Fire HD tablets and I've side-loaded the app on all of them.


Have you tried copying it to a different location? (As long as you remember where it is, you'll be fine).


Did you change the Setting to allow installing apps? (Step 3 above)

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