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Muddy Left Driver on Vengeance 2100


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I love my Vengeance 2000s so much I decided to buy the 2100s for work.


I just received them and the left driver is muddy and a bit crackly. Right now I'm just using the built-in Windows drivers.


Anyone else experience this? Is there anything I can do short of exchanging them? Thanks!



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More info...


Depending upon the frequency, I have to adjust the volume to 39 or above (out of 100) in order for the left speaker to act right consistently. I used a sine sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz to verify that it wasn't my imagination.


For example, at about 60Hz I can roll the volume between 33 and 34 and the left driver cuts out at 33 and back in at 34. The right driver functions normally.


I'm just going to request an exchange from Amazon unless I hear something here in the next little while.

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