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Suggestion to Corsair and Coolers


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Since there is no mail to contact Corsair for suggestions, i`ve created this topic , sorry if it`s not in the right section.


My suggestion is that Corsair should put in their AIO liquid coolers brackets to be able to mount these coolers on graphic cards also (be it Nvidia or AMD) , there are few guys on the internet that took the AMD bracket from a H80i, drilled new holes in it and adapted this cooler to an AMD R9-290 graphic card ,though the pump would sit diagonally on the GPU due to this mod, the temperatures are amazing ... 55°C in full load while OC at 1200 Mhz.. the problem is that there is no real support with brackets for this type of moding. Personally i would buy another H80i or H55 or w/e to put on my video card if Corsair would provide the adequate mounting brackets.


The VRMs on the GPUs will be left without radiators but this can be easly fixed from ebay.

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Look in our blogs, news, and reviews area also.




Tech Report

That one i`ve seen but the thing with it is that it might not work for non referance cards, i was talking something like a backplate + bracket like the one used on Intel CPUs since most of the video cards have the 4 holes around the GPU chip at about the same distance.


I myself have a Sapphire R9-290 OC Vapor-X and i would buy the Corsair Hydro Series HG10 + another H80i if it works on this ... otherwise i`m stuck :)

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