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AX 850 4-5 mins to start!?


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:(: PLEASE HELP. As soon as I turn on the power I should be able to turn on the PC. This does NOT happen. I have to wait approx. 4 to 5mins before the power reaches the m/board? This problem is getting worse, as when it first presented itself, it used to be 1 to 2 minutes.

I think it may be a problem with the AX-850 PSU, although it could be a M/Board problem (Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z)? Having to wait 5 minutes until I see the LEDs light up on the M/board before I can start the PC is very serious!

THIS IS THE 3rd Corsair AX-850 I have had. The 1st one went dead, after a few days, and the 2nd went dead after a few weeks. The supplier YoYo Tech were very helpful, and after testing the PSU's supplied with replacements. They said to have one go faulty, is unlucky, but to have 2 is unheard of, and now it looks like the 3rd one go wrong!!! Am I cursed or what?!!!



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So it could be the motherboard.


The light on the motherboard is telling you that there's +5VSB. If it's taking that long to light up, either the PSU isn't supplying the +5VSB immediately, which it should as soon as it's plugged in and on, or the motherboard has a short or fault, or whatever that's preventing that circuit from completing properly.


Best thing to do is unplug all of the modular cables from the PSU. Connect only the 24-pin. With the PSU's switch in the "off" position, insert a multimeter's red probe into the +5V lead and the black probe into any ground.


Here's the pinout for the 24-pin:




Once that's done, flip the switch on the PSU "on" and watch the DMM. It should immediately jump up to +5V (+/- 5%).


Does it?

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Thanks for reply. I removed the PSU from the PC case and tested the PSU as described from Corsair's 'paper clip' test. And it is confirmed that the AX850 is indeed faulty. Sometimes it does eventually power up, now over 10 minutes, and sometimes it will not power up at all. It is not as if I am using the AX850 up to its limit, as I have only 1 graphics card connected, NOT 2.


THIS IS THE 3RD AX850 that has gone faulty! NOT IMPRESSED CORSAIR!


I will have to get YET another PSU, the 4th one. Certainly NOT another Corsair.

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