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Will there be SP140s?


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[–]jtrip89 7 points 4 months ago

When can we expect SP140 fans?


[–]CorsairGeorge 3 points 4 months ago






"Soon" is obviously more than 4 months - got any better estimate?

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I don't know why every body is so exited over these led fans. It feels like Corsair went back in time, there was a time every body used them whit some kind of build. I always found that a led fan gave your expensive build a cheap plastic appearance. The led fans are ugly and not from this time any more, just like the cathode lights. A normal SP140 with the colour rings should be the one that they had to bring, not a cheap looking led one. The most of us are asking Corsair for a SP140 for a long time, and then they bring out a SP140 Led, shame on you Corsair. If you want to listen to your customer , then bring out a SP140 with the colour rings and bring some colours rings like green or yellow as optional extra on the market.
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