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K60 Keyboard Sudden Death - Driver or Hardware Problem?


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Hi Guys,


I purchased this keyboard along with my new rig in July of last year and up to today have been completely happy with its performance. However it seems to have suffered a stroke and died.


I was typing out an email when suddenly the keys started acting out. After a bit of trial and error I discovered that the board was acting as if one of the CTRL keys was being held down even though they were not (I also removed the keys to check the buttons underneath and they were up).


I unplugged the keyboard, restarted, plugged the board back in and all seemed good.....for about another 30 secs. I repeated the same process and this time the keyboard just gave out. The only signs of life from the board is the numlock light going on during boot up and the volume wheel working (mute doesn't).


So now I'm typing this out on my crappy wireless Microsoft keyboard which I thought I had said goodbye to forever to see if any of you guys have experienced something like this before and if it can be fixed on my end or if I'm going to have to RMA it (if I'm still eligible).


I have taken good care of the board while I have had it, the wire has plenty of slack and is not bent at any extreme angles and the furthest distance it has traveled while in my possession has been from its box to my desk. Any help/advice you guys could give me would be much appreciated.



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Reflash the firmware and see if that helps.

Try the keyboard on another computer, Does the issue still exist?


If it exists on a different computer, request an RMA to replace the keyboard and upload a picture of the invoice to the ticket. The Vengeance keyboards have a two year warranty.

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