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H80I Issues (Tried everything on the forum) WIN 7 x 64


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Hello there everyone. I'm new to the forum and just registered to thank you all for the help you are offering.


I just purchased a new PC:



And it works just great out of the box. Over time (playing games), however, I noticed the beast sounds like a jet idling it's engines for no obvious reason (speedfan doesn't pick up any fan speed increases.). After much prodding I found it to be the REAR EXTERNAL fan from the corsair h80i doing it as soon as I opened anything that used my graphics card.


I downloaded Corsair Link to manipulate the fan speeds and lo and behold, the pump, nor the fans show up.


I've tried plugging/unplugging, installing, uninstalling, plugging the port into the USB 1 port and the previous USB 1 port connector into USB 2 or 3, to no avail.


I'm at my wits end and about to give back the PC. For 2 k euros you'd think they'd give it to you in OPTIMUM shape wouldn't you?


I KNOW it's probably some asinine teensy tinsy little thing, so if anyone could help me out I'd be more than happy to give them a copy of my game (pixel piracy, I'm the producer) on steam, as well as my undying thanks!!


My personal skype is alexpoysky, I'd be happy to troubleshoot it in real time!


Much Obliged



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I had a similar issue getting my H80i to connect to Link.


A common fix is to use a USB a-b cable to link the water block to one of the outside USB ports. The Link software uses basic windows HID drivers so it's prone to device conflicts. Try connecting with nothing but your mouse connected, and try all your ports.

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